Understanding the Female Ejaculation

Understanding the Female Ejaculation

What is female ejaculation? What is there to understand about it? Not everyone know how women ejaculates, compared to men. Women have the 2 kinds of fluids. One is the leukorrhea and the other one is the fluid that makes the walls of the vagina slippery. It is quite thicker and acidic. That is meant to prevent infections. The female ejaculation is a think type of liquid which they call the PSA. That came from the Gspot and is being pushed from the urethra where the urine passes through. The female ejaculation is not just a urine, it is really a special kind of fluid. It is the women’s body in response to sexual stimulation.

The female ejaculation can be a debatable topic. It is quite hard to understand from a layman’s point of view. The female ejaculation is not a Gspot orgasm. It has nothing to do with the Gspot. The ejaculation can happen even in the absence of orgasm. It is just a simple liquid that has built up in the gspot and is then pushed out. The pressure on the spot helps in making the liquid comes out. That makes people think that it came from the spot, but that is not true at all.

There are sex toys that are meant to enhance the female ejaculation nowadays. The Gspot stimulation can make the fluid flow, however a full external arousal is the target of the toy. That makes women squirt most of the time. This can help you fulfill your men’s sexual fantasy, which is to squirt. Most men nowadays fantasize about women squirting on their face. Well, a clit vibrator can help in doing this job. You can enjoy the clit climax while fulfilling your man’s fantasy at the same time. It is like hitting 2 birds with one stone.

There is no need to use fingers nowadays just to boost orgasms. The toys will do the job. But of course, you do not need to refuse if your man will offer to use his fingers or tongue. The toys are just there to simulate and help and it is not meant to replace the real interaction between you and your partner. You also need to weigh your choices at times. The toys are meant to boost your sexual pleasure with your man, but if it is not his type of game, then you can just use it on your own. Don’t let the toys ruin your relationship, since men has this ego about being the one to pleasure their woman. It will not be healthy for you and your partner to use a toy in that case. You have to weigh it down too at times.