The Pleasure in Using Sex Toys

The Pleasure in Using Sex Toys

Gone are the days of couples doing the missionary position, doggy style or man on top. This is the millennial age. The age of sex toys for added pleasure. To better understand why men and women of this day and age are fond of using sex toys, this article can be of help to you.

1. Clit stimulation

There are toys that are better used to stimulate the clit. There are women that are having a hard time to reach orgasm without stimulating their clit. Even if this is possible with the methods being used by men, it will take a lot of time. Most of the sex positions nowadays are meant for vaginal sex, but most of them do not provide adequate attention to stimulate the clit. Good thing there are adult toys available nowadays to give added stimulation. A vibrator can do the job really well.

2. Stimulating the G spot

It is not a secret anymore that women can really juice up when their G spot is stimulated. Dildos are better for this type of sex stimulation. You can just choose the kit that you want to use. There are different kinds of dildos and strapon dildos (at SexToys247) that you can use to stimulate the …